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If you’re looking for motorized window shades for your business or home, look no further than Halcyon Shades. We are proud to be experts in the industry and provide the most comprehensive selection of motorized window coverings. Here, you can take advantage of the latest in Radiant Barrier technology to provide the most energy-efficient window treatments.

Whether you want manual or motorized window shades, we will work hard to ensure that you will still receive the same high performance and high-quality product. Unsure how to program motorized window shades? No need to worry–our customer service does not stop after a purchase. We are always happy to provide ongoing support and information so that you get the most out of your motorized window shades. Below, customers can find a comprehensive collection of resources, all designed with customers’ questions and concerns in mind.

Somfy Basic Programming Tutorial

Before you attempt to program your motorized shades, we strongly recommend that you watch this tutorial from Somfy. Shade programming is not terribly complicated, but it requires a precise sequence button selection. If a button is pushed out of sequence, the shade will not be programmed correctly.

Need Field Instructions?

Click on the icon below to download a printed set of programming instructions for LT30, Sonesse 30 motors and Telis remote controls.

Download Instructions

Programming A Customized Shade Stop

Somfy remote controls come equipped with a “My” button. This button allows the user to set a customized stopping point for your Halcyon Shade so that it can be lowered to that point with a single click of the “My” button. Watch this video to learn how to set your customized stopping point using the “My” button.

Cut & Paste Programming to Add Additional Remotes

Somfy Telis series remotes are easy to program, and you can add additional remotes later without having to reprogram your Halcyon Shades. Watch this video to see how to “cut and paste” the programming from one remote to a new remote with just a few button clicks. This method of cutting and pasting works for all styles of Somfy remotes throughout their radio controlled platform and even wall switches.

Programming Motorized Halcyon Shades To Work In Groups

The Somfy motorization system used by Halcyon Shades allows you to program whole rooms full of shades to raise and lower simultaneously if you choose to have them do so. Watch this video to see how to use the cut and paste feature of Somfy remote controls to set up shade groups that work in unison.

Readjusting The Up And Down Positions

Motorized Halcyon Shades come pre-configured from the factory to the full length that you ordered. In other words, if you order a shade that is 36″ x 72″, the shade will come set to lower to 72″. You may not want the shade to raise and lower throughout its full range of motion. You can reset the full up and full down stopping points by using your Somfy remote control device. Watch this video to see how.

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